Welcome to America Is Making a Movie!

This is the first project of its kind  and has been specifically designed to create a feature film completely online and with the involvement of the American public.

Upon signup you have become an I-Producer and you have huge power in your hands! Producers on all film projects are responsible for getting the ball rolling and on this project there is no exception. Our I-Producers are going to experience everything it takes to be a great producer.

YOU will need to go into your social groups both online and off, to bring attention to your new film project. You are tasked with getting attention and recognition to your production I-Producers. 

Producers are dedicated, hard-working people that are responsible for creating a product that will be successful. It has target goals to stay on budget, locate and cast great talent, and complete a final product that brings box office success!  The producer is keeping the ship floating and moving in the right direction. In the beginning it's all about getting the wind under sail and launching. We believe in you and we know that in the end you are going to be GREAT! As you move forward, our team will show you and teach you all you need to know to enter the world of movie making. Lets enjoy this ride together! 

Lets begin by getting you acquainted with the site and how to navigate through the different areas. Make sure you start out at How to get started. You will see the link in the navigation menu at the top of the page. 




If you are not properly signed up as an I-Producer member, you will only see a limited amount of links in the navigation menu. If you are a fully active member, you will see a complete menu with twelve headings. Some of them have drop-down-items. If you have not completed the sign up process you will not be a fully activated member who has site-wide access. Make sure you see twelve links in the navigation menu as seen in the image below.  


 You are now standing on the home page. On this page you can see what is happening site-wide. Again: We recommend you take the time to go to the Getting started page so that you get a basic understanding of how you get around within the community.  


You have joined a social network site that is specially designed to work with the public to drive the creative processes of film making, however it is so much more! In this community our members get an opportunity to submit their own personal materials for the I-Producers to view and ultimately judge. From the very beginning the content gains visibility as it is featured within the online community and ultimately could become a part of the film itself. 

We would like to encourage you to get involved in texting, posting, and even blogging within this community. It helps to create our vision of everyone being a part of this process. Other social networks are more geared towards individuals, however this site is geared more towards the project, and community as a whole! Your personal views and statements are placed on your profile page, and this is where others of the community learn more about you. When you post or comment at any time, it goes into the site-wide activity feeds so others can get involved in what you are discussing. They can contribute to your thoughts and recommendations, or they can challenge them.

This site is about being involved in the creative processes of film making and all of its many aspects. Some of them are fun and others, are not so fun. As an I-Producers you are responsible for helping to build this project and to attract and sign members. Your dedication and vision will make the community exciting and your commitment to its success will build your abilities as a producer. We need you to share and tell your story with family and friends. We need you to help us attract members. Remember this is how we have chosen to raise our funds for the film. We are creating this from the ground up and funding our film organically is an important part of the experience. This grass roots approach allows our members to learn and grow through the whole funding process, gaining new insights into what it takes to raise money for a film. Our community will be working together to attain our film budget goals. We will all experience the milestones together! 


This idea is absolutely brilliant.
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"Hello and welcome aboard! "
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We want to hear from you so jump in there and tell us something.
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  • Hello and welcome aboard! 

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