Welcome to America Is Making a Movie!

This is the first project of its kind and has been specifically designed to create a feature film completely online and with the involvement of the American public. 

You are now standing on the home page. on this page you can see what is happening site-wide. Lets get you acquainted with how to navigate through the platform. At the top is the menu bar. Some of the links are drop-down so make sure you hover over links. In the right side bar you can see featured activities and events. 

Each department has its own page and that is the place you go when you want to check in with members of this department or just chat amongst the group. On the script page for example, all members can see any and all information that is being reviewed or discussed. This area is a great way to see what is hot, and what is not. Anyone on this page will see what scripts are getting a lot of attention, and see what others are saying about the scripts and or story lines. This is how each department features. When looking for a specific department just check the title page to find what you are looking for.  

MY PAGE is your profile pageUpon signup each subscriber is issued a profile page titled MY PAGE. It is a great place to start. You have the ability to customize your page to look and feel exactly the way that you want. At the top of your profile page you will see links where you can upload picts, blog, or create a discussion. You can post, chat, message others, create groups and even group pages. Have fun with your personal area, this is how others on the platform will get to know you. Notice there are several drop-down lists in the menu bar. One displays all the different types of members interacting within our competition. The categories are: Actors/Actresses, Musicians, Scriptwriters, and Guest Hosts. We also have crew, location, hair & make up and more. Everyone will want to have their proper categories set so that our viewing audience...or I-Producers know who is who.  Remember, each group or department has a page where they can post, chat, blog, and interact. Each group or department additionally has a designated area for competition uploads. Competition content will feature throughout the production. I-Producers vote and rate the content. 

MEMBERS PAGE Is a directory of all the current members enrolled on the site. On each member is a link. You can click on a member's link which takes you to their profile page. It is an exciting option so that you can learn learn more about all the individuals that are interacting in within our film making community. 

IN THE SPOTLIGHTIs where you will find our featured members. When I-producers are seeing real talent they pay attention to what's hot! We feel talent deserves to be spotlighted! For this reason you will want to regularly check to see who our I-Producers are featuring. If YOU want to get noticed, make sure you present yourself as the talent that you want people to recognize. If you are a TV style spokesperson, a spokesmodel, or any sort of presenter, this is your opportunity to show America what you've got! If you have what it takes it won't take long for the I-Producers to put you under the SPOT!


Script Submission

Remember, we are going to create a feature film but first we have to find the right script. (Writers submit your synopsis and ©protected scripts) your work just might be chosen by our community. If your work is well received it will acquire high ratings and move into interactive voting areas. This could ultimately get your film produced! The winning script will be optioned and created into a feature film.


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