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Welcome to America Is Making A Movie!

This is a unique social network designed to create a feature film. Anyone can become an I-Producer which will allow for viewing, rating, and voting on content. Our first task is to find a script. We have an open script call. Actors upload their reels, or auditions. The content is placed in an area for viewing and rating. Everyone has a profile page and this allows members to learn about each other. All members are I-Producers. Next add a level of interaction by spotlighting your ability as an actor, scriptwriter, musician, presenter, or crew. Share your talent with the community and get noticed. You will be privy to all aspects of movie making. You see and you will learn. You will be a part of the guts and the glory with all things movie making such as:
Pre-production - Production - Post-production 
           •  Script search
           •  Budgeting
           •  Scheduling
           •  Shot list
           •  Hire cast
           •  Hire crew
           •  Locations
           •  Filming
           •  Wrap party
           •  Editing
           •  Sound design
           •  Music
           •  Lock picture
           •  Sales and dist.         
Pre-production - Production - Post-production
         it's all here and you will learn it all

America Is Making A Movie

Once you have created your membership you will have access to the main site. Only members can access additional areas of the network. Complete the signup and you are an I-Producer.  You are ready to get started and create your profile page! Get creative, you will feature yourself on your profile page. Click the link below and get started.

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