About the Project

America Is Making A Movie - is a film project that is being launched and created completely online and with the involvement of the American public. 

It is the first film project of its kind and is designed to create a full length feature film entirely online and with the participation of our viewing public. Now Americans can sit in the privacy of their own homes and login to our network to help us drive the creation of a Hollywood film production. Just watch the video below to get a better idea of what we are doing. 


Never before has anything of this magnitude been attempted. 

Our base team is skilled in all things movies, and has a successful track record in the movie industry.

The environment surrounding the movie industry is incredibly high paced and high energy. This field demands the best of the best and only the best survive!  

The movie industry has flash, fame, fortune and creativity in every corner. The road is not always easy and many times production teams get bumped and bruised along the way. As the successful people in the industry have learned, if it is something that really matters to you, never give up. Dreams can be achieved and lives can be changed forever in this business. 

There is a very small percentage of the population that will ever find themselves on a movie set, much less work on a production. We thought it would be an absolute dream come true to bring this world to the public, and that is exactly what we have done. Our team is dedicated to making this one of the most creative and exciting hollywood experiences ever! When you join us, you join a specialized community. You learn what it takes to make a great movie. You learn all the steps to get a production off the ground. No matter where you are, you will be able to tune in and monitor "your" movie. That's right, it is America's movie and you will be everywhere we go. Our live cameras will be documenting our journey to completion. You will be there from the development stage, the design stage,  completion of the film, and then on to the big premier. You will learn all the steps to movie making.You will hire, you will cast, you will reject, and even fire. You have your hand on the trigger and you have the say. You know everything that is going on because we stream video consistently. 

Within the platform the I-Producers will create their own additional drama as the online network becomes the playing field for the competitors. This is so much more than a reality show. It is real life drama evolving from people willing to do whatever it takes to get their lucky break! Some individuals may be cast in the film, and other will land guest host roles and spotlight features on the network. This will all be up to the I-Producers who will rate, vote, and cast positions. I-Producers will hire and fire. I-Producers will get into the trenches and do what it takes to help get this project moving. It will be up to YOU, I-Producers! You have as much or as little action as you desire. You have a whole lot of say within this social community. Active or passive, the film project will just keep moving. Ultimately, you will learn more about making a movie than you ever thought you could, so sit back and ENJOY because AMERICA IS MAKING A MOVIE!

We are hiring for crew postions. All crew members submitting a resume must be locally based to the city where filming is commenced. For inquires or to submit a resume write to: americaismakingamovie@gmail.com

If you have what it takes, you may be chosen for an interview. Our I-Producers will view and choose who they like best.  Imagine being on set as a part of this film production. We are making history. A production such as this has never been done which makes it that much more exciting. 

Only recently has technology come far enough to enable such a complex concept. That is what makes America Is Making A Movie so exciting! First of its kind and ground-breaking film making! Remember, we have an open casting call, an open script call, and an open music call. Make sure to upload your auditions, your music, your scripts and your reels. The entire network will be discussing your work in our many chat rooms. You are about to have visibility like never before. You never know who might be watching you!




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We will make a movie, and learn all aspects, but need to build! Thank you for being here!
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We have to spread the word! This is a very awesome project! Thank you!
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fun! Saying - I AM MAKING A MOVIE! Please film yourself saying that and send it in! We want to start building our promotion!
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Hi Guys! We are going to work on a little promotion! We want to put together a video that has everyone in their work environment or having
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Are you ready to upload a little video clip sharing your personality with the community? Well get'er done!
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